Tech Buzz: MultiCart

Often it is the simplest of gear that gets overlooked by the glitz and glamor of fancy cameras and expensive lighting.  Many times that simple gear can be just as important.  One piece of equipment that has been with AtticFire almost since the beginning is the Rock-N-Roller "Multi-Cart".  On a typical job we will bring a stand bag full of stands and lighting modifiers, a grip case full of extension cords, clips, spare batteries, and other odds and ends as well as two lighting cases full of multible strobe packs and heads.  Throw on top of that four large sand bags and we are traveling around with several hundred pounds worth of equipment.  The Multi-Cart handles this load well. multicart

It has a narrow profile that can allow it to get into tight spaces but also extends to hold a lot of equipment.   It works both as a cart and a dolly depending on your load and with the addition of the solid deck accessory we will use the Mulit-Cart as a table top to hold a laptop or mobile work station for tethered shooting.  There are a few different options to choose from but we have found the R12 model with its larger wheels quite nice on the rougher terrain.  One modification we have done is to add a zip up pouch to the bottom of the table top accessory to hold the table top mounting bolts.  That way they are always with the table top when we need it.

Multi Cart in action