new orleans

AC Hotel Bourbon - New Orleans

We recently completed a fantastic project of the AC Hotel Bourbon in New Orleans.  This is the first AC Hotel, which is a new Marriott brand, in the US.  It was an extremely fun and exhausting project and we will be blogging images from it over the next couple of weeks.  We also had our first foray into video work which will will blog later as well.  For now we'd like to share the selection of exteriors from the shoot. NCI1503_AC_Bourbon_Exterior_01 wip1 NCI1503_AC_Bourbon_Exterior_02 wip1 NCI1503_AC_Bourbon_Exterior_03 wip1 NCI1503_AC_Bourbon_Exterior_04 wip1 NCI1503_AC_Bourbon_Terrace wip1