DC Monuments

We've been in Washington DC several times this year for shoots.  We kept noticing that the Washington Monument is being repaired and is covered with scaffold.  Strangely, it actually looks even cooler this way, especially when lit up at night.  So on our last trip to DC we decided we had to photograph it, knowing that it may never look like this again.  While we were at it we decided to photograph some other well known monuments (the Capitol Building, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial).  We shot all of them at twilight.  To make the Lincoln Memorial a little different we shot it from the back side.  There was a delivery van parked in front which at first we were disappointed about, but in the end we think it makes the shot unique and adds a little bit of fun to it.  We hope you all enjoy the series. DC_Capitol_MG_3388 as Smart Object-1

DC_Jefferson_Memorial_MG_3259 as Smart Object-1

DC_Lincoln_Memorial_MK3_2982 as Smart Object-1

DC_Washington_Monument_MK3_2830 as Smart Object-1