Attic Fire makes “Bad” photography.

Few photographers are hired to produce photographs, that by almost anyone’s standards, are “Bad” but that’s just what the AF team was commissioned to do a while back.  It’s fair to say that Savannah homeowner, Hugh Golson, is obsessed with the Gilded Age.  So obsessed in fact that he’s spent two decades transforming his Victorian three story home, piece by piece, into quintessential gilded-age fare even including furniture from the period that once resided in the white house.  Given Mr. Golson’s painstaking accuracy to the period, he decided modern architectural photography just wouldn’t do and that it must look as if it was taken in the documentary style of over 100 years ago.  To that end, he commissioned the Attic Fire team to tackle this challenging project.  Abandoning our digital capture approach, we selected an 80 year old antique camera and 4x5 inch film to further the authenticity of the project and to facilitate the old look of the final images.  After completion, the film was then scanned and the images were given further digital treatment to bring the aesthetic right in line with images captured during the period.